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With the absence of Girls Aloud continuing, and The Saturdays preparing the release of their Greatest Hits album later this summer, an influx of new girl-groups has eagerly been sought after. Sony have finally filled this void with some fresh female faces, Neon Jungle. With a debut album full of ambitious hooks and powerful poppy punch, this London four-piece are more than musically equipped to take on the mainstream realm for the long-haul.

First single ‘Trouble’ marries buzzing EDM synths with voluptuous vocals,  “I don’t look for trouble/ But trouble looks for me.” Neon Jungle are not in short supply of sugary-sweet sass channeling girl-group greats for inspiration.  Success is easily obtainable with this high-octane boozey banger. Second single ‘Braveheart’ follows in the same vein, with sneered verses, a four-to-the-floor trance chorus and distorted dance drops. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is an even better iteration of EDM pop music with its anthemic breakdowns and lyrical confidence. “Tonight I’ll hunt you down” illustrates feminine frankness and eliminates any signs of tender seduction. The enjoyment continues beyond the single releases as ‘Bad Man’ flips between synth horn heavy grime verses and an airy 2-step garage chorus.

The feisty foursome’s cover of  trip-hop artist Banks’ recent single “Waiting Game” is an interesting, if not entirely successful, change of mood.  With an almost carbon copy production of the original, this version might prove hard-hitting for listeners not already aware of the tumultuous track, but for those of you who have, it might appear a little derivative.

Despite these slight musical mishaps, Neon Jungle have created a reassuring debut album, generously delivering  more than enough great pop moments in its taut ten-track span to be worth a purchase and radio recognition.

Emily McAvan 

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