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Tennis I'm Callin'

Tennis I'm Callin'

Tennis must be psychic. Either that, or the video to new single ‘I’m Callin” was conceived of, filmed, edited and distributed in record time.

Because there’s no denying the Lynchian, Twin Peaks undertones here: the severed finger, the eccentric older lady, the Blue Velvet style room-behind-the-door. And with the recent news of Twin Peaks’ televisual resurrection, it would seem Tennis have got their fingers eerily on the pulse.

And it’s not just their visuals that are, dare we say it, ‘on trend’. New LP ‘Ritual In Repeat’, set for release early next year, showcases a more polished, pop-friendly Tennis; think Haim, without the gurning. And a few more synths.

Let us know what you think of the video (below), and their new sound:

‘Ritual In Repeat’ is slated for release on 2 Feb 2015 on Communion / Island.

Annette Barlow
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