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sea + air

sea + air

Watch the brand new video for the forthcoming single from ‘ghost-pop’ duo SEΛ + ΛIR.

SEΛ + ΛIR consists of Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin – a Greek/German duo whose sound is an amalgamation of personal influences. Their music reflects their continued travels across Europe, the experiences they’ve faced and their relationship with their homeland, or lack thereof.

The band’s second album Evropi is due for release in September and the band will support Duke Special on a string of dates across the UK in October.

‘Follow Me Me Me’ is a glistening piece of cosmic indie-pop, bursting with sweeping vocals and lilting rhythmic sequences. Watch the video here:

‘Follow Me Me Me’ will be released July 27 on Glitterhouse Records.

Caroline Moors

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