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We bring you the exclusive first play of Freja‘s new track, ‘Empire’.

As a young singer-songwriter, Freja produces beautiful, intimate acoustic songs and ‘Empire’ is a piano-laden ballad with delicate vocals. It is being released as a free bonus track ahead of Freja’s debut EP Ghosts, due out later this month.

The London songstress explains, “‘Empire’ is a cover of a song by a local band called Disrupt the Skies, who I came across a few years ago through my friend whose sister knew one of their guitarists. They’re a post hardcore rock band with some great melodies. I love doing piano covers of rock songs; when I had more free time I used to learn to play pretty much all of my favourite songs on piano, I’ve forgotten a lot of them now but Empire stuck around because I used to play it live quite a bit, so I’m glad they let me use the track.”

TGA are delighted to premiere the gorgeous melodies on Freja’s ‘Empire’, which you can listen to right here:

Ghosts is out on November 27 2015 via ShimmerSun Music.

Caroline Moors

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