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“How can we ignore in our art that the world is in such a dark, extreme place?”, agit-pop pairing, Deux Furieuses ask. Against the backdrop of an ever-shifting political landscape, Deux Furieuses are here to have their voices heard. And they’re not coming quietly.

From their DIY ethics and distortion fuelled dynamics, it’s clear that both Ros (guitars/vox) and Vas (drums/percussion) of the London based band are on something of the mission. Thrashing onto the TGA stereos with stabbing single, ‘Can We Talk About This?’ earlier last year, it seems rather fitting that when it comes to conversation, the pair are pretty happy talking about most things, as it happens: from the disappointing landscape of our UK festival lineups “their line ups just don’t represent female musicians” to the print media’s continued ignorance around such issues: “NME is a joke”. It’s Deux Furieuses grassroots enthusiasm that makes the group’s raw and riotous sound even more vital.

Tune into any of the band’s recent releases and you’ll be thrust back into the glorious brazen days of Ms Manson, or most recently the pop noir poetry of Savages, and it’s probably not surprising considering the band grew up on the sounds of the likes of PJ Harvey, The Pixies and Siouxsie Sioux. Quite the coup then to bag Transgressive producer, Rob Ellis on their upcoming album: “He is such a musical hero of ours for his work with PJ Harvey and Marianne Faithful”.

There’s a feeling of tribalism and unity when you listen to Deux Furieuses talk, and play, and you can see that all around us of late with the rallying around the recent Suffragette film and the joyous celebration of trouble makers at this month’s Art of Nuisance exhibition. It’s not surprising then to find the pair teaming up with fellow noir pop pairing, Feral Five to create some of their own mischief for their latest remix of former single, ‘Can We Talk About This?’. The remix, which takes in a whole different time signature and key, shows the power of interpretation adding in bass to the pair’s two piece setup: “It was a bit scary handing over our tracks for someone else to examine and reconstruct”.

Similarly scary might’ve been the reaction from the Russian crowds when the band headed across the Baltic Sea for a few shows earlier this year: “We were asked to play an impromptu performance at a festival on out last night and before allowing this the promoter asked us what our songs were about, were they love songs? We said not really! He asked about the politics, we said something vague and it wasn’t a problem”.

So whilst our suffragette sisters  “incited their meetings to rebellion”, Deux Furieuses are sounding a riot to do just the same. Just don’t let the Muscovites in on it, eh?

The Feral Five remix of single, ‘Can We Talk About It‘ is out now.

Cheri Amour

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