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Self-proclaimed “feminist punk witches from hell” Dream Nails release their debut EP DIY this week.

Janey, Anya, Emmett and Lucy (replacing Judith) formed in London last year and recorded the four tracks at go-to DIY studio, Sound Savers in Homerton. The download release also comes as a limited edition with fanzine and ‘tingle tip’ sex toy, available online at bandcamp or at gigs.

Part of a current wave of openly riot grrrl influenced DIY bands such as Dirtygirl and Fight Rosa Fight, despite only a few months of existence, Dream Nails already have a string of headline gigs and sold-out shows to their name, and the band have received rave online reviews, including national press.

EP title track DIY is “about never asking permission, being self-sufficient and believing in yourself”, explains vocalist Janey, “It’s about developing your own strength in a capitalist patriarchy where women are told to be dependent”.

Final track Deep Heat, meanwhile, already enjoying semi-legendary status on the gig circuit, is described modestly as a “a painful hex for indecorous men”.

Dream Nails launch their EP at the Shacklewell Arms, Dalston on 16 April, and play Genesisters, Vol 3 at the Genesis Cinema on 7 May. DIY is out now.

Kofi Smith

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