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The Lovely Eggs, live Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London

The Lovely Eggs, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, April 2016

While the world speculates over power pop couple, Beyonce and Jay Z’s supposed infidelity in ‘Lemonade’, some of us have got more pressing matters to hand. How about hopping back on the train to East London to pick up that pound shop red jug that your son saw earlier? He’s been obsessing over the junk shop trinket all the way round the Museum of Childhood which, sure, probably was a bit of a tease what with all of the toys in there being pretty much cordoned off from touch by panes of glass. Because it’s not all eat shit lemon(ade), is it?

Lancashire’s Lovely Eggs carve their craft from these witty walks through the humdrum. They are the, self proclaimed, point where Ordinary People Unite and for tonight’s Bank Holiday Bethnal Green crowd, there couldn’t be a more refreshing sound. From their cosmic creation back in 2006, the husband and wife duo haven’t really slowed down – not even with the birth of their aforementioned babe, Arlo. “Tour is really great”, frontwoman Holly tells us, “we have a babysitter in the evenings so we can play punk rock”, she jokes sipping from her can of Strongbow.

There’s no sign of hidden allegorical references here, or snarky asides about Becky with the Good Hair, The Lovely Eggs are artful raconteurs with anarchic sing along, ‘Do It To Me’ to the startlingly insightful, ‘People Are Twats’. As Holly so wisely coos ‘I Like Birds (But I Like Other Animals Too)’, we all like punk rock but we like other shades of it too. And for The Lovely Eggs, this came in the form of last year’s This Is Nowhere which propels this pairing into another galaxy entirely, with a milky way trail of wonky pop hits. Feeding in some of David’s “tat from 1960/70s”, ‘Music’ is a clever cacophony of whirring electronic blips and that popcore chorus drone whilst album standout ‘Magic Onion’ is boosted by marching beats and David’s timely oompah-oompahs (he’s come so far from Wildlife’s ‘David’s Turn!’) The North really do the magical mystery tour well, eh?

Special mention, of course, has to go to crowd favourite and – now available as a knitted scarf, kids – archetypal Eggs goldust ‘Fuck It’ which has the power to instantly transport you to a certain time in your life (I recall a basement, a disco ball and a Chomsky tome knocking about) only for you to suddenly realise you’ve been stood for the entire song with your arms raised, fists clenched, defiant.

That’s the thing about The Lovely Eggs. They’re one of us, the mundane massive, and they’re telling us all about it through these oddball odes. It’s Eggy Stardust. And no one needs a concept album to taste that fruit, it’s sweet enough live in the flesh.

Cheri Amour

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