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Stoner doom rock or metal is a musical subgenre which combines elements of heavy metal, psychedelic rock, blues rock, acid rock, and doom metal. It is extremely bass heavy and the use of guitar effects like fuzz, phaser and flanger are turned up to 11.

While Black Sabbath lay claim to spawning the genre, stoner rock came to prominence in its own right in the early 90s with bands like Earth, Kyuss, Sleep, Acid King and Electric Wizard.

With a vast and technical set of conventions we pick a few of our favourites for your listening pleasure:

Full Track Listing:

Two Urns – Windhand
Purple Pyramid – Lucifer
Electric Machine – Acid King
The Usher – SubRosa
Deerslayer – Black Math Horseman
Nothing Left to Die – Jex Thoth
Black Smoke – Blues Pills
Wing of the Lord – Witch Mountain
The Great God Pan – Blood Ceremony
Lucid – Mount Salem
Cemetery Song – Dorthia Cottrell
Heavy Blanket – Ruby the Hatchet
Mawu – Vodun
Cooker – Made out of Babies
Bones in the Water – Battle Of Mice
Amplifier – Jucifer
Deep Well – Avatarium
No Dog – Thought Forms / Esben and the Witch
Blackbirds Fall – Black Moth
White Hoarhound – Alunah
Labyrinths – Undersmile
Onyx – Ava Inferi
All Must Die – The Oath
Carthage – Ides of Gemini

Faye Lewis

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