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Post-rock is a subgenre under the umbrella term of ‘rock music’. It is characterised by the influence of rock instrumentation, but with additional textures – and a general disregard for a typical ‘rock’ song structure. Post-rock bands are often instrumental, and though many bands experiment with vocals, typically the genre isn’t defined by them. While bands like Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros are the most popular, we’ve brought you a few hidden gems you may have missed…

Full Track Listing:

Skin – Marriages
Over and Again – amiina
Noctambulist – matryoshka
Worth Everything Ever Wished For – The End Of The Ocean
Future Pavillion – MIAOU
Ripple – Anoice
Sweet Dreams, Fai – Water Fai
An Emerald Flood – Kyojaku
Bible Silver Corner – Rodan
Svanur – Rokkurro
Evolve Or Perish – Nordic Giants
Let Us Rest Our Dead Anon – Big Brave
Birds – Electrelane
Guilty Cubicles – Broken Social Scene
Concrete Dreams – Noveller
Tear – Dalot
Night After Sidewalk – Kaki King
Immersion – Meniscus
Seven Year Glitch – Rumour Cubes
Here’s Hoping – 3epkano
It’s Called, ‘Daisy’ – Her Name Is Calla
Birch – Lady Sleep
Lie In The Sound – Trespassers William
Silent Fight, Sleeping Dawn – MONO
Climactic Phase No.3 – Seefeel
Dramaman – Picastro
The Usher – SubRosa

Faye Lewis
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