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Feminist post-punkers ILL unleash the cosmic video for their brilliantly catchy new dance single, ‘Space Dick’.

The Manchester based four-piece make genre-defying noise that is politically charged and ferociously funky. Self-described “evil-pop” makers, the band recently featured in the Guardian’s ‘The future 50’ rising stars to look out for.

‘Space Dick’ is a frenzied dance track with a thumping bassline, swirling psych-punk guitars and darkly comic lyrics. It is the third single from ILL’s upcoming debut album, We are ILL, set to be released in spring 2017.

Made by and starring the band, the story of the video goes like this: “Space Captain Lea Thal traverses the intergalactic dimension, whooping the ass of every space dick she meets along the way and liberating her fellow females from the clutches of monsters and misogyny.”

‘Space Dick’ has landed; watch the video at your peril below:

Caroline Moors

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