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What began in 2013 as a project, is gradually turning into a revolution.

The London duo formed by vocalist Dolly Daggerz and guitarist Mike, have been working together for seven years in various projects till planting the pillars of Tokyo Taboo, a project where they feel free to mix Japanese culture,  80s style and ferocious punk vibes that make them unique and leaves their past behind. “Before it was all Tokyo Taboo a bit gray. The band is all about color and attitude. We are vivacious together!”

With several EPs already under their belt, the couple have managed to appear in some notable radio programs; their EP Leech has been played on Radio X and Planet Rock for two consecutive months, their single Bubbilicious has been described by Record Of The Day as “explosive” and they also have been named artist of the week in The Vinyl District.

Papercut, the first single from their upcoming debut album, has been chosen by Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1 to be played on his primetime show, adding that “they’re upbeat, they’re really happy but visually they are brilliant”.

The band cite influences such as Madonna – who Dolly aspired to be when young – to Lena Lovich, Cyndi Lauper, Bowie, Deap Vally and Karen O. It’s always refreshing to find bands like Tokyo Taboo, who embrace a different and unique style  – just look at their asthetics!

“We saw the hazmat suits we used in Make It Out Alive in a surplus store window in LA. We had space suits, apocalypse, futuristic as key words in our heads bouncing around and then we saw the suits and thought ‘We’ll have them.’ The video sort of developed from there. The other clothes we wear are found in vintage shops,” says Mike. “It’s a hobby of Dolly’s to collect Halloween costumes that double up as perfect stage outfits.”

The conversation turns to the lack of women performers in music. “It starts with the live scene. Many promoters won’t book female fronted acts because they aren’t ‘credible’ or ‘serious’ enough. They like to book shoegazing male bands all dressed in black and who mostly sound the same. There are exceptions to this though! We have an amazing show booked with ROAR who champion female headliners on December the 14th.”

Having spent the last few months in Los Angeles with producer Noah Shain, the band are now ready to release their debut album, 6th Street Psychosis. A perfect combination of rock, pop and punk, which according to guitarist Mike, “is something we’ve both always wanted to do. The writing took care of itself as Dolly had a lot to vent!”

The band makes it clear that their dream is to play in Tokyo (for obvious reasons) and to share the stage with Deap Valley and Fall Out Boy. If you like in-your-face hectic tracks with hooks, dreamy riffs, pure rock and roll vocals and above all, fantastic lyrics and music mixed with the most fantastic London punk’s vibe – this is the album for you.

Oli Williams

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