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Ibibio Sound Machine have shared a vibrant new video for ‘Give Me a Reason’.

Frontwoman Eno Williams is a London-born Nigerian singer, and anyone who has seen Ibibio live will know that Eno is a force to be reckoned with.

She thrives in their latest visual offering, which is bursting with colour and sound. The band create a vivid clash of African and electronic beats, influenced by West African funk, disco, post-punk and electro.

‘Give Me a Reason’ asks, “Why should girls be denied the right to education, and why should people in general not be free to be who they want to be in their life?”

Director Ciaran Lyons, of Forest of Black fame, says about the video: “The aim with the video was to create something that would do justice to the vibrancy and energy of the song. I felt like I could hear lasers, flashing lights, and dancing. Eno is such a great performer, and she has such striking stage costumes that she made the shoot itself really easy and fun. Afterwards, all I needed to do was create some of those lasers and flashing lights—which I did by hand-drawing them.”

Watch the electrifying ‘Give Me a Reason’ below:

UK Tour Dates
Mar 19 Aberdeen, UK – Aberdeen Jazz Festival
Mar 28 Manchester, UK – Band on the Wall
Mar 30 London, UK – Jazz Cafe
Mar 31 Bristol, UK – The Lantern
Apr 1 Paris, FR – Festival 100% Afriques
July 21-23 North Yorkshire, UK – Deer Shed Festival
July 21-23 Lymington, UK – Curious Arts Festival

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