8 Feb 2016
Introducing | Tuff Love

Introducing | Tuff Love No ratings yet.

When it comes to being easy-to-love, Glaswegian duo, Tuff Love, betray their namesake. It seems that everywhere they go, they leave a beloved mark. Indeed, it’s hard not to fall (…)

1 Feb 2016

INTRODUCING | SHEER No ratings yet.

“Rachel Goswell of Slowdive randomly followed our Twitter account recently, so we like to think that means she likes our music too,” laughs vocalist / guitarist Gina Almaguer of shoegaze miserablists (…)

25 Jan 2016
Summer Twins

Summer Twins No ratings yet.

Youth, beauty, no money fun and hippy vibes; meet Summer Twin, the dream rock ‘n roll sister duo with a song in their hearts. Born and raised in Riverside, California, they (…)

18 Jan 2016
The Wimmins' Institute

The Wimmins’ Institute No ratings yet.

Formed just over a year ago by Cassie (bass, vocals & keys), Jen (drums, vocals & guitar), Deb (guitar, vocals & bass) and Mel (trumpet, vocals & drums), The Wimmins’ (…)

13 Jan 2016
little fists

Little Fists No ratings yet.

DIY punk trio Little Fists may have been in existence for less than twelve months and played no more than a dozen gigs, but TGA were lucky enough to have (…)

16 Dec 2015
Faye Lewis' Top Albums 2015

Faye Lewis’ Top Albums 2015 No ratings yet.

It’s that time of the year again! No, not Christmas – I’m talking about the best-of-2015 celebrations. This year was absolutely incredible in terms of new music by fresh-faced introducing (…)

14 Dec 2015
Little Desert

Little Desert No ratings yet.

Where to begin when describing the unique sound of Melbourne band Little Desert? Their music lifts you up, whirls you around, forces you to confront the screaming, pulsing darkness within (…)

7 Dec 2015

Freja No ratings yet.

Having started writing at the tender age of 9, Freja is a young music dynamo with a cool disposition and a punk rock heart. Her exquisite debut EP, Ghosts is (…)

30 Nov 2015
New Music | Deux Furieuses

New Music | Deux Furieuses No ratings yet.

“How can we ignore in our art that the world is in such a dark, extreme place?”, agit-pop pairing, Deux Furieuses ask. Against the backdrop of an ever-shifting political landscape, (…)

23 Nov 2015
Muncie Girls

Muncie Girls No ratings yet.

“Our stand-out feature as a band is how ‘unrockstar’ we are,” says Lande. “We enjoy crosswords, cartoons, and sweets, and we just hope that people can identify with that.” The (…)

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