30 Apr 2014
Now That's What I Call 21st Century

Blog | That’s not what I call music

When a press release came in to the girls are inbox extolling the virtues of NOW That’s What I Call 21st Century, I couldn’t help wonder how relevant NOW’s releases (…)

10 Nov 2013
The X Factor Big Band Week

Blog | The X Factor, or, The Sisterhood of the Glittery Pantsuits

This week is glittery poppy week big band week and it was all a bit safe for my liking. Remember when Alexandra Burke did Xtina’s Candyman? There was none of (…)

8 Nov 2013
X Factor Disco Week

Blog | The X Factor – Disco balls, balls, and more balls

The week before last we saw the curse of the girl groups hit hard. How many female acts did that leave us with? What? Four? Okay, but how many did (…)

8 Nov 2013
Charlotte Church

Blog | Charlotte Church, Forbes Magazine and the Fallacy of Female Power in Music

If there’s one thing Miley Cyrus has been good for, it’s opening up dialogue on the perception of women in music. Between her sledge-hammer-licking videos and infamous VMA antics, the (…)

28 Oct 2013
Miss Dynamix

Blog | The X Factor – Movie Week

Thanks to Kingland Road‘s performance in the sing-off last week, I had Pink’s Try stuck in my head all week. I think this means I might actually like them (providing (…)

20 Oct 2013
X Factor

The X Factor: Love and Heartache

It’s love and heartache week. Heartache indeed. If it wasn’t bad enough that we lost Lorna Simpson last Sunday, we have misogynist extraordinaire Robin Thicke contaminating our screens tomorrow night. (…)

13 Oct 2013
X Factor

Blog | The X Factor – 80s Night

The shake-up continues in the start of the live shows with news that each week one of the bottom two will be revealed after a flash vote at the end (…)

12 Oct 2013
X Factor

Blog | The X Factor – (Not) The Judge’s Houses

OH MY GOD THERE’S NEARLY FOUR HOURS OF THE X FACTOR ON THIS WEEKEND. Are they actually trying to kill us? Last week it was three hours, this week four, (…)

3 Oct 2013
Abi Alton

Blog | The X Factor Bootcamp

There are three hours of The X Factor this weekend. Three. Oh my days. So in this episode they’re playing musical chairs, a new take on boot camp where there (…)

27 Sep 2013
The Daisy Chains

Blog | The X Factor auditions are over!

So here we are, it’s Saturday night and it’s the last of the ‘room’ auditions. YEAH! Finally, no more laughing at people. No more! Well, no more after tonight’s show, (…)

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