9 Jul 2015


If you were asked to name a band or musician from Reading, there’s a good chance you couldn’t do it. And that’s pretty ironic considering Reading is home to one (…)

16 Aug 2013
Ruth Montgomery

Column | The Search For Deaf Music No ratings yet.

Deafness is respected outside the definition of disability. Deaf people are a separate linguistic community, with a separate shared experience, in contrast to that of hearing people. A lot of (…)

15 Aug 2013
Icona Pop

The Girls of Sweden #3 | Summer No ratings yet.

No season is as longed-for as the Swedish summer. This is perhaps hard to understand if you don’t live in a country where most of the year is spent lighting (…)

10 May 2013
Column | The Girls of Sweden #2

Column | The Girls of Sweden #2 No ratings yet.

In this age of futuristic sounds and innovative use of new technology in music, it’s maybe a surprise (or a given) that the acoustic and sometimes retro trend in music (…)

10 Apr 2013
Lady MJ Warrior

Column | Words, Words, Words No ratings yet.

Terminology is contentious: I’ve been chatting a lot over the past month about offensive language used in every-day conversation and within films, TV and other media: Non-disabled people saying “That’s (…)

3 Apr 2013
Laura Mvula

Column | The Girls of Sweden No ratings yet.

Sweden is often touted as the most feminist of all countries, a veritable bastion of gender equality in all areas. Sweden also happens to be one of the most successful (…)

6 Mar 2013
the girls are Disability in Music

Column | Disability in Music No ratings yet.

How many disabled artists can you name? Did you hear about them because of their disability or because of their talent? Is any of this relevant? Don’t all musicians face (…)

26 Apr 2012
Catherine Elms

Girl with Guitar | Patience No ratings yet.

My last column was over a month ago. The truth is that in that time, nothing much has happened. I uploaded an advert to Join My Band. I received two (…)

16 Feb 2012

Girl With A Guitar | Procrastination No ratings yet.

I am a chronic procrastinator, in every single area of my life. People procrastinate for different reasons; my main reasons are indecisiveness, and a desire to avoid difficult feelings. What (…)

25 Jan 2012
Catherine Elms

Girl With A Guitar | The Female Impostor? No ratings yet.

Since I wrote my last column, I played a gig!  It was a birthday party at a local bar, and I decided to perform as I knew the birthday boy (…)

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