22 May 2013
Essay | I

Essay | I <3 Taylor Swift

Jezebel might have called Taylor Swift a feminist nightmare, but TGA contributor Cleo calls for an end to the haters. I love Taylor Swift. Part of me feels guilty saying (…)

13 Feb 2013
It's A Dolly Parton World | and We're Just Living In It

It’s A Dolly Parton World | and We’re Just Living In It

It started, as so many things do, with a YouTube video. Since I  prefer my country singers old enough to order their own drinks at the bar in all 50 (…)

26 Sep 2012
PJ Harvey

Essay | 20 years of the Mercury Prize

Twenty Years of the Mercury Prize or How to Get Away with Marginalising an Entire Gender for Two Decades “What Mercury has always tried to do is act as some (…)

2 Jun 2012
Tori Amos

Truth or Dare | Amanda Palmer, Tori Amos and Methods of Feminist Catharsis #2

In Part One I talked about alternative goddess Tori Amos and interweb darling Amanda Palmer and their differing methods of catharsis. I suggested that Tori tends to hide her meaning (…)

26 May 2012
Tori Amos

Truth or Dare | Amanda Palmer, Tori Amos and Methods of Feminist Catharsis #1

“The songs don’t spring whole into existence; they are built.” – Tori Amos “The best songs come in very fast and manic bursts.”  – Amanda Palmer Amanda (…)

18 Mar 2012
Annette + Julia

Like Mother, Like Daughter | Music and the Maternal

Listen to the Like Mother, Like Daughter Playlist here (Spotify). – — — — — — — — – Annette + Julia Annette (Founder & Editor) –  “What did you (…)

26 Nov 2011

Gendered Language | Women in Music Videos

The music video got famous in the Eighties; bands embraced the new technology in a flash, using the opportunity to communicate a strong image and increase their selling power. Characters (…)

13 Nov 2011
Kim Gordon

Ineffable She | Why Kim Gordon is my Feminist Hero

It is possible that none of us are ever going to see Sonic Youth play live again. The king and queen of the ‘Alternative Nation’, Thurston Moore and Kim (…)

15 Apr 2011
Retrospective | Blondie

Retrospective | Blondie

Thinking of Blondie today, what usually springs to mind is the enviable coolness of Debbie Harry, memories of screeching along to their top hits with friends, aunties and (…)

21 Aug 2010
Guilt Schmilt | The X Factor And The Barlow

Guilt Schmilt | The X Factor And The Barlow

I love The X Factor. A statement regularly met with surprise, disdain and mildly withering stares. The kind of glance one doles out to  over-confident teenagers waxing lyrical on (…)

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