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9 Apr 2015
Top 5 riot grrrl songs

Top 5 | Riot Grrrl Songs

Boston did an awesome thing. Along with the statement that “girls need to see other girls picking up drumsticks, basses and microphones”, the city declared 9 April ‘Riot Grrrl Day’ (…)

2 Mar 2015
The Sound of Music

Top 5 | The Sound of Music

Today marks the 50th anniversary of arguably one of the best musicals of all time – The Sound of Music.

31 May 2012

Top 5 | Reforming the 90s

Ahhh… The Nineties. I recall a blissful time where I the majority of my brain was taken up with floral print leggings and those floppy velvet hats from River (…)

25 May 2012
Lady Gaga

Top 5 | Transformations in Pop

Transformations in both image and style are a common occurrence in the realm of the woman pop star. While male musicians may change musical direction, or morph styles in the (…)

15 Nov 2011
Jessie J

the girls are | Just Incredible

The music business has, for tens of years, been a place for individuality, creativity, passion, beliefs, romance, anger, and just about anything else that makes us human , to be (…)

31 May 2011
Top 5 | Dubstep

Top 5 | Dubstep

If you are one of the millions of people who’ve been seduced by the sexy wub wub of dubstep, chances are (what with reading the girls are n’all), you’ll (…)

1 Apr 2011
Top 5 | Songs To Eat To

Top 5 | Songs To Eat To

I’m a lady who loves good music and delicious food. If I can rock out and eat a cake, then I’m a happy grrrl. I suspect I’m not (…)

6 Oct 2010
Top 5 | California Girls

Top 5 | California Girls

I’ve got some issues with Katy Perry’s summer hit California Gurls and it goes beyond the fact the song is so infectiously catchy it should be made illegal. (…)

10 Sep 2010
Top 5 | Andrew Loog Oldham Protegees

Top 5 | Andrew Loog Oldham Protegees

Whilst most famous for masterminding the early success of the Rolling Stones and founding Immediate Records, Andrew Loog Oldham also had a thing for girl singers of folk (…)

14 Dec 2009
I Really Need You Tonight | Ultimate Power Ballads

I Really Need You Tonight | Ultimate Power Ballads

This one goes out to my big sister, Miss Ali B: karaoke wizard and awesome human being. One of my biggest pleasures in life is karaoke. Not the (…)

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