the girls are is a UK based online magazine championing women in music. We post daily content from a global team of writers and photographers.

We feel that the machinations of the music industry are largely based on antiquated, irrelevant, inherently sexist values, and as a result women working within music are often under – or mis – represented. Our coverage aims to redress this imbalance.

Founded as a blog in 2009, www.thegirlsare.com has rapidly grown a network of loyal followers with over 100 contributors and an editorial team of ten. Without the collaboration and support of this team of creatives and music-lovers, the site simply would not exist.

As an independent publication, we are proud to have cultivated an ethos of promotion and positivity: if we have nothing good to say about a band, we simply won’t publish the piece. However, as professional journalists, we endeavour to give our honest opinion where possible.


  • graham says:

    The headphones in your logo looks like a big, scary eyeball. It frightens me. It reminds me of “Ring” – the original japanese version.

    Cool site though!

  • Amy says:

    Thank you so much ladies!!! WE love you!!!!!

    Amy D and Rob Phillips-SPF 5000

  • Eric Chicago says:

    This is your moment because right now women are creating almost all of the interesting music. I am a guy and I have to wonder, what the hell happened? Women have become the risk takers, the innovators, the experimenters. Micachu & the Shapes are a perfect example. Mica Levi is a genius! Her music is beyond brilliant. Remember Zappa? Captain Beefheart? The Residents? Igor Stravinsky? What are the boys doing now? Not much.

    Check out The Vivian Girls and Cassie Ramone.
    They started the 60s girl group/punk sound. What about Anna Copa Cabanna? She is another wildly inventive genius. Her music, performance, etc are one of a kind. There’s Joy Dragland and her mix of rockfolkthing that is just killer along with that stunning voice. I could go on. I read a story recently in –was it The New Yorker?- called “The End of Men.” I am starting to think they might be onto something.

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