the girls are is a UK based online magazine championing women in music. We post daily content from a global team of writers and photographers.

We feel that the machinations of the music industry are largely based on antiquated, irrelevant, inherently sexist values, and as a result women working within music are often under – or mis – represented. Our coverage aims to redress this imbalance.

Founded as a blog in 2009, www.thegirlsare.com has rapidly grown a network of loyal followers with over 100 contributors and an editorial team of ten. Without the collaboration and support of this team of creatives and music-lovers, the site simply would not exist.

As an independent publication, we are proud to have cultivated an ethos of promotion and positivity: if we have nothing good to say about a band, we simply won’t publish the piece. However, as professional journalists, we endeavour to give our honest opinion where possible.

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