X Factor Pick of the Week | Rebecca & Cher


Well crikey moses, X Factor is starting to *really* hot up. With only four places in the final next week, Saturday’s episode was always going to be tense: who would make the cut? Would we finally see the end of ‘real woman’ Tesco Mary? Would Bieber-lites One Direction manage to worm their way into the top spot, having only sung one harmony during the entire course of the series? Would Cher break my heart and do some more bad rapping?

If you watched on Saturday, you’ll know the answer to the above questions was a resounding yes. In addition, we witnessed girl-crush Rebecca sing a beautiful (if a little dull) version of Amazing Grace, heard Matt’s voice crack for the first time, and saw Cher doing what she does best: sporting massive hair and doing some bad raps. The winning moments were, however, Rebecca‘s super classy version of Show Me Love and Cher‘s teary, wavering bid to stay in the competition.




Annette Barlow


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