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Malka Spigel

Malka Spigel

Malka Spigel, Gliding, Swim

Muddlingly hypnotic and seductively simple, Malka Spigel has released the first record of the English summer on her own label, Swim. Summer chords building on somnolent rhythms characterise this four track EP. It’s a weekend record of sublime sympathy and artisanal skill.

The collaborators on this four track sample of shoegaze include everyone from Wire and To Rococo Rot. As a visual artist, founding member of Minimal Compact and Githead, and solo performer, Spigel’s collaborations shouldn’t matter. In fact, they are mentioned more as points of trivia and reference here, as Spigel’s song writing skills are muscular and minimal across the sparse four tracks.

Like a ritual, the songs conceal and reveal themselves to the listener. This kind of song writing subtlety is rare. From opener, ‘Strumgliging’, to ‘Dreamwalking’ the songs take the listener through Spigel’s daydreams. Spigel’s visual artistic output has included video works, and this has bled across into her songwrinting, as the almost three dimensional songs elicit images and colour. Spigel’s attention to detail stuns and entraps the listener.

This EP is a special, gentle, gleam of light in the summer of our discontent.

Arike Oke

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